EXTREME Cactus Attack! (2023)


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In this segment of On Location, Coyote takes an extreme fall and lands right in a Cholla Cactus!

As if catching a Tarantula Hawk, which has the second most painful sting in the world, wasn’t dangerous enough leave it to Coyote to run after one in a minefield full of jumping cactus! YIKES!

Well it goes without saying that dodging all of the cacti didn’t exactly happen on this adventure…

Get ready to witness one of the WORST cactus attacks you’ve ever seen!

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- [Camera man] Go.



Go go! - Yes.

Yes, yes.

Stay here.

Stay here.

- [Mark] Dude, just saw a tarantula hawk.

Did you see it? - I didn't? See it, no.

- [Mark] Oh.

My gosh, I hope he gets it.

Careful!, (adventurous, music), He's gonna get it.

He sees it., (Coyote, screams), What, happened?, Go, go, go! - [Coyote] (screams in pain) Oh no! - [Mark] What's wrong.

Did you catch it? - Yeah I caught it! But.

The bad news is I caught something else too.

- Oh.

My goodness.

That is the worst cholla spike I've ever seen.

- Hold on a second.

Hold on, - Oh my gosh - I don't.

Wanna get stung by the tarantula hawk.

- [Mark] Oh, they're all over you man! (Coyote, screams), (adventurous, music) - (Screams) Hold on a second.

Let me get this under control.

- [Mark] Oh.

My gosh.


You gonna get all of those off? - Hold on.

Hold on.

Cup him under there.

- They're all over here.

- Oh, boy.

That was not good.

- Oh.

My gosh.

- Hold on, I'm like in them.

Back up.


My gosh, man.

- They're all over my legs.


My gosh, they're, everywhere., Dude.

- [Coyote] Okay.

- [Camera man] Did.

You get the tarantula hawk at least? - I did, I, did, I caught the tarantula hawk, but..

- [Mark] They're all over me.

(Coyote grunts in pain) Oh, my gosh, that's, the worst.

That's, the worst cholla attack I've ever seen.

- Oh guys.

This is bad.

- That's really bad.

- How many are on my back? - A lot.

Maybe like 10.

One on your foot.

- Oh man.

The one on my arm's really hurtin'.


You know, in that instance, when you need to catch the animal, you don't really think about it.

You just make the catch, and I did.

I caught.

The tarantula hawk.

- [Mark] Where is it, by the way? - I wrapped.

It up, it's in the net.

It's right over there.


My gosh, okay., Well, I guess there's a lesson to be learned, here.

Always, watch where you're going.

And you guys have seen me get pricked in the hand before by a cholla.

This, might as well get a little education in while we can.

(inhales sharply) This is a teddy bear.


Watch it.

You've got 'em on your feet.

There are jumping cholla.

And there are teddy bear.


This is the teddy bear variety.

And it is not soft and cuddly like a teddy bear.

Mark, I got a multitool on the side of my pouch.


- [Mark] Alright.

- Put your camera down.

- [Mark] Okay.

- Chance.

You keep filming.

This, Mark, I'm gonna need your help.

Man, I, can't, move.

My arm.

- [Mark] Alright.

Hold on a second.

- Get.

The multitool, off of there.

(groans) I feel like a pincushion right, now., If you're out here in the desert hiking.

And you wander into a cholla, they say you can use a hair comb to get cholla off of you.

But, as we know, I, don't have any hair.

So, I, don't, usually carry a comb with me.

But I do have a multitool.


Yeah, there we go.

Alright, get these ones off my boots.


Those ones, those don't hurt.

Those are into the rubber and the side of my keens.


You guys thought getting quilled by a porcupine was bad, this hurts.

So much worse.


My leg! (groans) - Try to do it in one sweep., One, two!, (screams), Oh that hurt! - You alright? That's one.

- Oh, man! This is like pulling off the worst bandaid ever., Alright, yeah., (Mark, screams), Oh, no!, (laughs), Now, it's in your hand! - Coyote? - Yeah.

- Why.

Do you always get me in these situations? - Sorry, man.

- Okay, hold on.

(Groans), Nope, nope.

Don't, shake 'em.

Off., You, don't, shake 'em, off.

- No.

No don't, shake.

It off.


Why don't you put the multitool, - Hold on.

- Can you get it off yourself? - Yeah, yeah.

Hold on.

- Oh, guys.

We are..

- (Inhales) It keeps getting worse.

The weight, it's like going in there.

- Yeah, it's.

Not fun is it? - Alright, like a bandaid? - Like a bandaid.

(Mark, screams), (Coyote, laughs) - Oh my gosh that hurts.

- Imagine what I'm going through right now? - Oh my gosh.

It feels so much worse for you right now.

- Oh, first blood, first blood.

- I'm gonna be a lot.

More careful now.

- Okay.

(inhales) - Nervous now., (Coyote, screams) - Let me, hold on.

Let me explain to you guys why this hurts.

So much.

This is not just like a needle or a pin going into your skin.

The end of these spines.

And the spines on the cholla are nothing more than modified leaves.

But they have barbs, microscopic barbs on their ends.


Every time we pull one off.

It is yanking out chunks of skin and flesh.


This one in my arm is going to hurt so bad.

It is so deep in there I almost can't squeeze my hand.

- Alright, I think I gotta get this.

I'm afraid, you're gonna get hit in the face.

So I, don't want that.


So sharp., (Coyote, screams), (Mark, laughs), Sorry, man.

- Did.

You get it? - Did.

It come off? - No.

- No? Oh.

My gosh.

- Alright.

Ready, ready? - Yeah, yeah.

(gasps) - Oh, no.

It just kind of fell down and stuck in again.



Am so sorry.

(breathless, gasp) Oh, my god.

- [Chance] What was that noise? - I don't, know!, It hurts.

So bad! - This one's gonna be bad, I'm gonna get this one.

- Ow! Did.

You get it? - [Mark] Yeah I got that one.

Let me, try and get this one.

(Coyote, screams), Alright, I'm gonna get this one I, think., And then pull back at me? - [Coyote] I.

Guess, so.

(screams) Yoinks! Think.

We gotta get this big one out first and that one last because I'm afraid you might flick that one at my face.

And I.

Think this one's gonna come out because you can pull it that way and I can..

- [Mark] Okay.

Can you just put your arm? Out?, (Coyote, gasps), Oh, no, you can't.

- Oh, I can barely move my arm, it's like it's hit a nerve.

I'm having trouble like squeezing my arm.

- [Mark] He casts.


One two three! (Coyote screams and exhales) - Oh, wow! That, one hurt.

I'm glad we save this one for last though 'cause I don't think this one's in there that deep.

Not as deep as that one.

- [Mark] That's, brutal., Alright, let's, get this last one.

- Alright, last one.

Last one., Let me, turn it like that.

So you don't get it.

Don't hit my face.

- [Mark] One, two, three, go!, (Coyote, screams) - Get it?, (screams), No, ouch! - [Mark] That was in there.

Whew, that was excitement.

- Wow, guys.

That was seriously intense.


The good news, wait here., (laughs), Woo!, Come, here, buddy! - [Mark] You got it.

- I got it! And.

Then that there, that is a tarantula hawk.

- [Mark] Whoa, careful.

- [Coyote] No, I know.

We gotta be careful not to get stung.

Didn't expect to make this, I mean.

What are we gonna call this, an On Location? - [Mark] Yeah.

- Yeah,? I? Guess? This is an On Location, Us out here, trying to catch a tarantula hawk, made the catch but fell into a teddy bear.


(slow-motion grunts of pain) Gosh that one hurt! Nothing like having an epic ending to an awesome day here in the Sonoran Desert., I'm, Coyote, Peterson., Be, brave, stay wild.

Stay away from the teddy bear.

Cholla, we'll.

See you on the next location.


We got it! I just caught a tarantula hawk, which is said to have the second most painful sting in the insect kingdom.

I think we all know what's going to happen.

Next., And, don't, forget, subscribe.

So you can join me and the crew on our next big adventure.

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