33 delectable keto pumpkin and fall recipes for all the fall feelz (2024)


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Aw yes, fall.

Bring on the pumpkin treats, candle scents, and Starbucks coffee.

It’s time for comfort foods, fall treats with warm teas, and fall-flavored goodies.

Thankfully for us, enjoying the tastes of fall doesn’t have to derail our ketogenic diets.

There are keto-friendly versions of damn near all of our pre-keto faves and some new keto fall recipe creations to enjoy.

Below I’ve gathered 11 pumpkin recipes, 11 fall recipes, and 11 comfort food recipes… all keto-friendly.

33 delectable keto pumpkin and fall recipes for all the fall feelz (1)

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Keto fall recipe essentials for sweets

Keto-friendly flours

Organic fall seasonings

  • Nutmeg
  • Pumpkin Spice
  • Cloves
  • Allspice
  • Cinnamon

Keto-friendly sweeteners

How to save on keto fall and holiday treats

ThriveMarket.com | Save money on high-quality and organic keto essentials and get them delivered to you. Get a free trial, save on your first order, and continue to catch their deals. Sometimes ThriveMarket is cheaper than buying in-store and sometimes not so much. Price check for sure. But I think it is still a good resource if you can swing the membership since you can still catch enough deals to save over the price of your membership, for sure. Get a free trial here.

Ibotta.com | I like using Ibotta for shopping. So the way I typically work this thing to earn some cash is shop the app for deals on things listed on my grocery list. If there’s a deal, I go to that store. It pretty much helps me determine where I should buy my groceries for the best deals. Then after shopping, I snap a pic of my receipt with the app and get my cashback. Easy.Check it out.

If you buy too many ingredients, freeze them | Sometimes I buy too much of an ingredient and they end up sitting around all year or until I finally toss em out. Since it’s fall, you’ll likely still have other holiday gatherings to use these ingredients for. But if you find yourself still having plenty left over, freeze them. This works for me so I thought I would share this word.

Now, on to the recipes…

Keto pumpkin recipes

Keto fall recipes

Keto comfort foods

33 delectable keto pumpkin and fall recipes for all the fall feelz (2)


33 delectable keto pumpkin and fall recipes for all the fall feelz (2024)


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