Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (2024)

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When it comes to desserts, I try my best to abide by the “treat treats as treats” rule. It’s for that reason, desserts are few and far between here on KetoGasm. This keto Chocolate Pots de Créme recipe is indeed a rare occasion.

I’m not against keto desserts. In fact, I think it’s pretty damn cool that people with ketogenic dietary restrictions can have low carb versions of sweets for special occasions. But desserts and sweets can be a slippery slope for many, myself included.

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Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (2)

If you’re anything like me, your insatiable sweet tooth may have been the primary contributing factor to starting keto in the first place. I’m just one of those people who have a hard time saying “when” once I get a taste of sugar, whether it’s the real deal or a low carb knockoff.

Store-bought keto candies and bars get me in trouble. If I want a treat, I make it at home and take full control of the ingredients and portion sizes. I also tend to make it an elaborate enough process that it’s not practical to do all the time, but still makes for a fun project.

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As food writer and activist, Michael Pollan puts it, “There is nothing wrong with special occasion foods, as long as every day is not a special occasion. Special occasion foods offer some of the great pleasures of life, so we shouldn’t deprive ourselves of them, but the sense of occasion needs to be restored.” I agree wholeheartedly.

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These keto chocolate pots de créme are special occasion food. I made these for Valentine’s day this year! For me, the holiday is not quite the same without chocolate. Last year, I made these keto chocolates with macadamia nut and coconut oil!

I adapted the recipe from the Sous Vide at HomeKeto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (5) cookbook by Lisa Q. Fetterman to take my favorite new kitchen gadgetKeto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (6) where it’s never gone before: the sweet stuff. This cookbook isn’t technically a keto cookbook, but there’s a ton of keto recipes to be found in it (Eggs, Fish and Shellfish, Poultry, Meats, and Vegetables are the foundational chapters)! If you’re keto and diving into sous vide cooking techniques, I highly recommend it.

Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (7)

UseLily's dark chocolate chipsKeto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (8) and Swerve granular erythritolKeto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (9)in place of the chocolate and sugar. Erythritol is my sweetener of choice all around due to it’s low impact on blood sugar, superior taste, and kindness to my tummy. Many of the other low carb sweeteners have a terrible aftertaste, some still spike your blood sugar, and leave me with a killer stomach ache.

Other ingredients include heavy cream, vanilla extract, salt, and egg yolk.

Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (10)

Bring the heavy cream to a light simmer, and once the soft bubbles appear on the surface, whisk in everything but the egg yolks and remove from heat. Whisk in the yolks one at a time until everything looks like a smooth, creamy chocolate pudding. Divvy the mixture between six 4-ounce mason jars and screw on the lids fingertip tight to allow air bubbles to release once you submerge the jars in the water bath. Fingertip tight means don’t crank those tops on there! But don’t leave the lids loose enough that water pours in when you start cooking them. Fingertip tight.

Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (11)

Now to my favorite new gadget: the Anova Precision CookerKeto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (12). I used it to create a consistently heated water bath in this recipe, but this handy tool has been pretty much rocking the proteins in my kitchen every day. Perfectly cooked steaks, poultry, and seafood for dinner every night by way of sous vide. By perfect, I mean precisely cooked. Nothing overcooked, nothing undercooked. The Anova Precision CookerKeto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (13) is fantastic and easily worth its weight in gold.

Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (14)

I knew if it took the guesswork out of tricky proteins, it would be killer for all the things I suck at baking! You could substitute a traditional water bath in the oven to bake these keto chocolate pots de créme, but the sous vide method was approximately 5000x easier. So there’s that.

Take your fingertip tight mason jars, place in the water bath, cook for an hour and chill for three. These keto chocolate pots de créme are decadent and an excellent choice for a special occasion! Enjoy!

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Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (15)

Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe]

So decadent, you won't believe it's low carb and sugar-free!

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Prep Time: 10 minutes minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour hour

Total Time: 1 hour hour 10 minutes minutes

Servings: 6 Servings

Serving Size:

Net Carbs: 11g

Author: Tasha


US Customary - Metric


  • Prepare a sous vide water bath set to 176 degrees F (80 degrees C).

  • Bring heavy cream to a simmer.

  • Whisk Lily's dark chocolate baking chips, erythritol, vanilla extract, and salt in with cream. Remove from heat.

  • Whisk in egg yolk one at a time until mixture is smooth.

  • Transfer mixture to a pourable measuring cup to easily divide mixture.

  • Divide mixture into six 4-ounce mason jars.

  • Screw on lids fingertip tight.

  • Place sealed jars at the bottom of the water bath.

  • Cook custards for 1 hour.

  • Remove jars from the water bath using tongs. (They're hot! Watch out!)

  • Place the jars in the fridge to cool and set for a minimum of 3 hours.

  • Serve as is or topped with whipped cream and cinnamon.


This recipe contains 26g of erythritol that can be subtracted from the total carb count to provide the net carb content. That means per serving, you can subtract an additional 4.3g net carb. 13-2-4.3 = 6.7 g net carbs per serving.


Nutrition Facts

Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe]

Amount per Serving



% Daily Value*





























Net Carbs





* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

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Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (17)


Hi, I'm Tasha–nutritionist, recipe developer, and multi-published cookbook author.

Keto Chocolate Pots de Créme [Recipe] (2024)


Does keto chocolate really work? ›

Dark chocolate carb content

If you're lucky enough to find dark chocolate that contains 100% cocoa solids, that's great for your keto diet because it means that around four squares of this chocolate will result in only 2 grams of carbs being introduced into your diet.

What chocolate is best for keto? ›

Dark chocolate with high cocoa content and low sugar is a better option for keto. Look for varieties with 70% cocoa or higher and minimal added sugars. Alternatively, consider sugar-free chocolate made with keto-friendly sweeteners like stevia or erythritol.

What chocolate has lowest carbs? ›

Dark chocolate that is high in cocoa content (70% or above) and low in sugar is the best choice. Such chocolate has fewer carbs and more fibre compared to lower percentage cocoa chocolates, making it more suitable for a keto diet.

How much chocolate can I eat on keto? ›

While 1 ounce (28 grams) of high quality dark chocolate can fit into a keto diet, a larger serving will likely exceed your limit. Dark chocolate can fit into a ketogenic diet. However, it's important to monitor your portions and choose dark chocolate made with at least 70% cocoa to avoid exceeding your carb limit.

How many squares of dark chocolate can I eat on keto? ›

Remember, you're allowed 5% carbs, 20% protein and 75% fat on the standard ketogenic diet. This means that for an average diet of 2000 calories per day, you should only eat around 25g carbohydrates. Bear in mind that a standard 28g portion of dark chocolate - that's only 4 squares - contains around 12.5g carbohydrates.

What happens if you eat a piece of chocolate on keto? ›

It's unlikely that a small piece of chocolate will kick you out of ketosis; however, this depends on the amount you eat. Chocolate with a high sugar content will significantly impact your blood sugar levels and insulin response, potentially affecting your ketosis.

Is peanut butter OK on keto? ›

Peanut butter can definitely be part of a keto diet, but it's best to stick to plain options that are free of extra flavors and sweeteners. Almond butter is a good choice, too, and it's slightly lower in carbs. Additionally, you should be mindful of your portion size if you're trying to lose weight.

What to eat when you crave chocolate on keto? ›

You could also have other keto-friendly snacks, like a cheese stick, some beef jerky, or a hardboiled egg. Satisfy your sweet tooth with keto-friendly sweet snacks like a small piece of dark chocolate or berries with cream. Look for a snack with some protein, if possible, and some fat.

What makes keto chocolate keto? ›

Yes, but not all chocolate is keto-friendly. Milk chocolate is generally ruled out of the keto diet because of its high sugar content. High-quality dark chocolate is perfect for those seeking ketosis. This is because chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or more typically has less sugar.

What candy bar can you eat on keto? ›

Bulletproof Milk Style Chocolate Bar

If you're a milk chocolate fan who's following a keto diet, you've got to try Bulletproof's Original Milk Style Chocolate Bar. Even though it tastes like it's packed with sugar, this bar only has 2 net carbs per 30-gram serving.

How many carbs a day on keto? ›

The ketogenic diet typically reduces total carbohydrate intake to less than 50 grams a day—less than the amount found in a medium plain bagel—and can be as low as 20 grams a day. Generally, popular ketogenic resources suggest an average of 70-80% fat from total daily calories, 5-10% carbohydrate, and 10-20% protein.

Is popcorn okay for keto? ›

Net carbs are calculated by taking the total grams of carbohydrate in a food and subtracting the amount of fiber. In this case, popcorn contains 6 grams of carbs per 1 cup serving and 1.2 grams of fiber, bringing the net carbs per serving to 4.8 grams. Yes friends, popcorn is indeed a keto food.

Can I eat zero sugar chocolate on keto? ›

Keto-friendly no-sugar chocolate contains similar amounts of carbohydrates, but it does not contain sugar, which is generally replaced with sweeteners. Keto-friendly chocolates might differ in texture and taste due to sweeteners and other ingredients to compensate for the lack of sugar.

Does smart sweets kick you out of ketosis? ›

Smart Sweets might be okay for an occasional treat. They're most certainly a better option than store-bought candy. But they're still candy, and they are likely to decrease your insulin sensitivity and kick you out of ketosis if you eat them every day.

Do keto desserts kick you out of ketosis? ›

The Keto Diet And Sugar

Many types of desserts, such as cakes and candies are made with flour and tons of sugar. These ingredients send your blood sugar rising very quickly which will kick you out of ketosis (11).

Does keto actually make you lose fat? ›

When there are not enough carbs in the body, it goes into a stage called ketosis. During ketosis, the body becomes very efficient at burning fat and using it instead of glucose for energy. This fat-burning makes the ketogenic diet a popular choice for people looking to lose weight.


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